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melodious owls are stealing my sleep.


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Skipped Back 15

December 2nd, 2009

Monislawa. Losing Senses.

spock and uhura




December 1st, 2009

long ride is long

spock and uhura

Pleasant Thanksgiving at the residence of the man's parents! Spending time with someone you love is healing. I even drove him down and the drove myself back up again and so my butt hurts. I thought that was a poignant note.

November 30th, 2009

Is there any song you'll never grow tired of hearing? If so, what is it, how long have you loved it, and why?

Most likely, Snow Brigade and Am I Wry? No by Mew. I've been listening to those since I was in high school and I tired of them once for a time, but I'm on them again. I never got tired of An Envoy to Open Fields. I like magical sounding songs so I'm sure that had something to do with me never really tiring of these songs. Are there any others? Probably Cicatriz ESP by The Mars Volta... <3 Oh! Into the Flood by As Tall As Lions. A little random, but I love it. Maria Taylor's Leap Year and Azure Ray's No Signs of Pain and New Resolution.

Wow. That's a sweet playlist, obviously in my opinion. <3

November 29th, 2009

Yet another attempt....

smile uhura
I'm going to make an attempt to start blogging again. Apparently there are a couple of sweet methods to help update multiple blogs which is a fun prospect for me.linuxlore.blogspot.com/2007/09/livejournal-to-blogger-or-blogger-to.html

I've also started playing Warcraft again. I'm playing on Bronzebeard so check and see if I'm on Termina or Raziela. <3

July 15th, 2009


Why Hello  Emma Watson
Half-Blood Prince last night! <3 I drove to the Bay to see it with Josh, Erin, and Erin. I didn't get to talk to much since we left shortly after the credits, but it was still fun.

But tell me.... Blowing up the Burrow and having Ginny running after Harry through flames was useful HOW? Yes, tell me, please.

Visually, the films get better and better every time. :)

June 21st, 2009


spock and uhura
So I finally got up the guts to go to shul for Shabbat. I was so scared because of all of the people I wouldn't know and who's nusach and customs might be a little different. But I went and people were very nice. The rabbi was young and humble and the congregants were pleasant. I even got a dinner invite. :)

I went on both Friday night and Saturday morning. And I'll be going again. :)

'Big Bang'

Dance  Weasley Twins
Well... maybe I'll participate!

June 18th, 2009

What fictional character do you most identify with?
Probably Hermione Granger. Not just the bushy hair stuff, but the bossy stuff, smart stuff,the personality stuff! The kinda bookish way about her, too, filled with random knowledge.

There's probably better ones I can't think of. If you know one, let me know!

June 17th, 2009

Have you ever considered converting to another religion?
Funny, that's my story, for those friends of mine that don't know. <3

June 11th, 2009

'White Supremacists'

Gay for Alice  Bella Swan
I have a strange craving to watch Twilight after hearing 15 Steps by Radiohead... I had the end credits playing in my mind. :)


As a person of color and someone in the process of converting to Orthodox Judaism, I'm saddened again by these White Supremacists acting in the name of ignorance and Anti-Semetic hateful people claiming to act in the name of Allah. :( As someone who embraces Judaism down to it's roots and traditions, I find it sad and funny that people think that there is a grand plot that "the Jews" are constructing. It's sad and it worries me. I wonder if I would be any safer in America than in Israel, you know? I guess Israel is kind of in the limelight so it's unsafe from people like Hamas and Iran, but man... sometimes I just think it would be nice to experience a different way of life for once.


Today, a woman in my history class suggested that immigrants entering the Lower East Side in the late 1800s and early 1900s were segregating themselves. I mean, if YOU came here and were snubbed by a country that has lived thinking that whites are better than all others since it was founded, and if YOU didn't have the ability to communicate with anyone to secure a job or food because you didn't speak English but there was a community of familiar names from your country that spoke their language and the English language, WOULDN'T YOU SEEK THESE FAMILIAR FOLK , TOO?

She said they were hypocritical for coming here and keeping their own CULTURE. Where in the American tradition does it state immigrants must give up their traditions, culture, and religion to be truly American or patriotic? Nowhere is the absolute answer.

Small minds irk me a bit.


May 28th, 2009

I've spent so much money on school and preparing for the wedding that my bitsy bit of money is fading away! No job, so no income. :( I'm stressed about it, but what can one do, right?


I've been in the Bay since Tuesday. I spent the day with Joshua. We ran him around, looking for a job, watched Star Trek, and were a geeky pair as usual. And I slept a lot because my family takes my sleep away.

Yesterday, Erin went with me to finish shopping for the wedding. I got my shoes and accessories and Stericks (maybe Eranies?) gift. Haha, Stephanie x Erick make funny pairing names. :D I also took Josh to another possible employer.

Today, we go back to some of these employers. I think I need to get a clutch for the wedding. So I may do that today.


My newest Lolita JSK dress was going really well. And then the sewing machine stopped working. Now that I've been away three days, I'm hoping that it will work or that I'll have more patience to fix it or something. :( Maybe Norr will bring in the old sewing machine from storage or maybe that t

May 25th, 2009

'In Sacramento'

spock and uhura
Last Thursday? ... my first night in Sacramento while officially living here. Driving Joshua home was okay. But leaving him in Lafayette was not. I was kinda stressed on the way home. :( I went to sleep quickly though. My mother snores, Jonathan mumbles, Norr snorts and clears his throat and snores once he's asleep... but whatever! I can get used to it. I lived with these people for most of my life, I can do it again.

Jonathan is cute. He's abnormally affectionate for a kid his age. He hates being told he has done something bad; he runs off to the room and slams the door. He cuddles and climbs on you ALL day. He can get really annyoying. He's sweet.

I'm signed up for class, got my BOG waiver turned in, got the EOPS application, bought some fish and wine for Shabbat, bought some fabric and more for a new dress I'm working on. I'll take pictures of the fabric, etc. and post one of those project thingys on the EGL sewing community.

Excited about the dress. <3

It's weird not living with Joshua. I feel very young, living at home!

May 18th, 2009


Joshua and I are having a Buffy renewal. <3 We are getting through the third season (which I haven't watched since 2003 or so). My love of Xander and the Scoobies generally drowns out any possible vampire love. 


I have two more days in LA. We are renting a truck and driving it and the car up to Sacramento. Goodness, why would I leave LA to go to Sacramento? Beats me. I won't miss LA a bit though. Not a bit. Joshua on the other hand? I will miss living with Joshua. We do need some time apart though, I acknowledge that. It's healthy. He won't get on my nerves if I've got a little time away. It's really my fault if he does get on my nerves. Since I moved to LA, it's seemed like my emotions have been rocking. But you know, they were that way before. Only difference is that I was alone then and there was no one for me to worry about burdening. There was a time when we were living together in Pleasant Hill where I wasn't that bad. I think it was because our finances, etc. weren't so difficult as we were both working. Here we are doing very different things.

I can't wait until that happy time when we are finally married with children. We will be living properly then, so occupied that we won't have time for my emotional crap. :) We'll be involved in family, work, and children. <3

May 17th, 2009


spock and uhura
So long, Apple. I won't be missing you. :/

'Last Day at Apple'

spock and uhura
Blah, I'm not psyched about working a 5pm to 1am shift for this company. But it's my last day so I'm going to have to suck it up and go. Ugh. UGH. I'll be packing all day the next day.

I don't know how to get my Grandmother's furniture into a full storage space or how to drive it up North with both a car and a van and ONE licensed driver. I'm sad.... :___; I have to figure something out....
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